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Components Required

Cables     Connectors     Combiner Box     Monitoring System

Specify Cable requirement:

  4 Sqmm - Quantity
10 Sqmm - Quantity
25 Sqmm - Quantity  

Specify Connectors requirement:

MC4 Male - (Quantity)
MC4 Female - (Quantity)

Specify Combiner Box requirement:

Voltage : 600V DC   1000V DC

Number of strings:
4   6   8 12   18   24   Others:

Input String Fuse rating:

Blocking Diodes needed: Yes   No   Rating:

String Fuse Protection:
Positive   Negative   Both  

Fuse Indicator Type:
With Indicator   Without Indicator  

Enclosure Type:
IP65   IP66   IP66 PS   PS PC  

Surge Protection Required:
600V DC   1000V DC

Output Switch Required:
Yes   No  

Output Switch Rating:

Input Cable Type:
SingleCore   DoubleCore  

Input Cable Size:
2.5 Sqm   4 Sqm   6 Sqm  

Output Cable Type:
SingleCore   DoubleCore  

Output Cable Size:
16 Sqm   35 Sqm   50 Sqm  
70 Sqm   95 Sqm  

Combiner Box - Remarks/Recommendations:

Specify Monitoring System requirement:

Battery Monitor
String Current Monitor

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MC4 connectors supplied


Diode boxes, array junction and string combiner boxes manufactured


KM of solar cables supplied


Panel junction boxes delivered


Cable harnesses manufactured


KW of off grid and grid connected inverters supplied