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Nordic India - Feeder Pillar/ Air Bus Duct

Feeder Pillar Panel

Feeder pillars are the breaker panels which is the very first set of switching/protection device at the output/secondary side of the transformer and panel board is a set of switching/protection devices used for distribution of power supply.

You may have inadvertently seen feeder pillars driving around without taking much notice.

Air Bus Duct

Bus duct is a reliable link for transferring power from one equipment to another at desired voltage levels.

Busduct is classified into various types depending on its application viz isolated phase Bus ducts, segregated phase bus ducts, non-segregated phase bus ducts.

These are metal-enclosed bus ducts wherein all the three-phase bus bars are enclosed in a common enclosure and all the phases are segregated by means of non-magnetic metal barriers preferably made of the same materials as that of the bus enclosure with degree of protection IP54 & 55.