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Nordic India - Solar Monitoring Solutions

Our monitoring solutions include the following:

Inverter Monitoring

Inverter monitoring provided over Wifi data networks is available for the grid connected inverters supplied by Nordic India. Parameters such as voltage, current, and kW generated are monitored in real time and archived in the cloud for viewing by daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Battery Monitoring

This product will monitor your battery bank and give you detailed graphs of your energy generation and consumption. Some of the key features are: Tracks your battery bank and predicts remaining capacity in per cent and run time in minutes. Logs detailed data and provides daily and monthly graphs of battery per cent and kW in and out. Built in web server and local data storage, easily accessible via a local LAN or remotely through the Internet. Highly modular allowing you to easily interface with additional sensors and relays for control Powerful customization without the need for a single line of programming Does not require a permanent internet connection for data logging.