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Nordic India offers array junction (DC distribution) boxes, string monitoring boxes, AC distribution boxes and low voltage electrical distribution and protection panels customized for solar PV applications. Our products use IP65 rated enclosures, and DC and AC switchgear from leading global manufacturers such as ABB, Schneider, and Mersen, and are designed to meet international electrical standards. Features offered under these products are described below:

Array Junction Boxes / DC Distribution Boxes / String Combiner Boxes

    These boxes provide interconnection between input leads from the solar module arrays and the output leads to the inverter. These boxes are customized for different configurations based on the series-parallel configuration layout of the solar array. Common features of these boxes include:

  • Compatible with 600V-1500V DC solar PV installations
  • DC inputs can range from 1 to 24 based on number of inputs
  • Standard box configurations available for rooftop installations
  • Customized boxes manufactured for utility scale MW solar installations
  • DCDBs use IP65/66 polycarbonate/GRP enclosures suitable for outdoor installations, with flammability and impact protection
  • Input and output cable connectors can be provided through IP65 cable glands or MC4 connectors
  • Overcurrent protection for individual PV strings through PV fuses
  • Protection against surge currents on DC side through SPDs
  • DC MCBs/switches to disconnect DC generation and prevent export of power to AC side during maintenance
String Monitoring Combiner Box (SMCB)

In addition to the features offered in the string combiner boxes, these boxes additionally contain components for monitoring of individual string DC currents and voltages. These are useful to diagnose and troubleshoot interconnections in a utility scale MW plant. Monitoring features include:

  • String current monitoring (1-24 strings) through Hall effect based current sensors
  • DC voltage monitoring sensors (0-1500V), and temperature monitoring sensor can be provided inside box
  • Sensors support MODBUS RS485 communications to centrally installed SCADA systems
  • SPDs are installed to protect communication devices
  • Power supply for sensors and communications can be provided through AC or DC sources.
AC Distribution Boxes / AC Combiner Boxes

The AC distribution boxes combine multiple outputs from one or more inverters to interconnect to the main service panel or load panel in the house. Common features of these boxes include:

  • IP65/66 polycarbonate or metal enclosures for outdoor/indoor installations
  • Standard box configurations available for rooftop installations
  • Customized boxes manufactured for utility scale MW solar installations
  • Input and output connections through cable glands
  • Overcurrent and short circuit through MCB or MCCBs.
  • Protection against lightning strikes/surges through AC surge protection devices (SPDs)
  • AC disconnect switch to isolate and switch over loads to grid in case of maintenance of solar system.