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Components Required

Cables     Connectors     Combiner Box     Monitoring System

Specify Cable requirement:

  4 Sqmm - Quantity
10 Sqmm - Quantity
25 Sqmm - Quantity  

Specify Connectors requirement:

MC4 Male - (Quantity)
MC4 Female - (Quantity)

Specify Combiner Box requirement:

Voltage : 600V DC   1000V DC

Number of strings:
4   6   8 12   18   24   Others:

Input String Fuse rating:

Blocking Diodes needed: Yes   No   Rating:

String Fuse Protection:
Positive   Negative   Both  

Fuse Indicator Type:
With Indicator   Without Indicator  

Enclosure Type:
IP65   IP66   IP66 PS   PS PC  

Surge Protection Required:
600V DC   1000V DC

Output Switch Required:
Yes   No  

Output Switch Rating:

Input Cable Type:
SingleCore   DoubleCore  

Input Cable Size:
2.5 Sqm   4 Sqm   6 Sqm  

Output Cable Type:
SingleCore   DoubleCore  

Output Cable Size:
16 Sqm   35 Sqm   50 Sqm  
70 Sqm   95 Sqm  

Combiner Box - Remarks/Recommendations:

Specify Monitoring System requirement:

Battery Monitor
String Current Monitor

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