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Nordic India - Manufacturing Services

Over 10,000 sq ft of floor space is available in our premises for contract manufacturing. We have manufactured the following products in our premises:

Manufacture of DCDBs/String Combiner Boxes/String Monitoring Boxes for Solar Applications

These products are designed and assembled at our premises for supply to our customers. We assemble these products in standard configurations, as well as in non standard configurations, based on customer request. We have manufactured and supplied over 20000 such products in the last ten years. The products are installed all over India, in residential roof top solar installations, commercial and industrial installations, and large utility scale solar power plants. We are a reputed supplier and our company brand is well known for the supply of these products in the Indian solar industry. The photographs below show the manufacturing of these products in our premises.

Manufacture of AC Distribution Boxes and LT Panels

We design and assemble AC distribution boxes and low voltage power distribution electrical panels for our customers, based on their specifications. Examples of few products that we have manufactured for customers are shown below.

Manufacture of Cable Assemblies for Solar and Non Solar Applications

We manufacture MC4 cable assemblies for inverter manufacturers and solar EPC companies. Semi automatic machines to cut and strip cables, and crimp wiring terminals are available in our premises for this manufacturing. The assemblies are tested to ensure that they meet the adequate pull force specifications that are required of the assemblies.

Manufacture of EV Charger Products

Nordic India was contracted to assemble and supply EV charger units recently for an OEM. These 11kW charger units are designed for two wheeler and three wheeler segments. Major components were supplied by the end customer.